In 2017, passenger espresso moved to the more spacious neighbouring shop at Oppelner Straße 44 and began to reanimate the Berlin coffee house culture with a colorful sporadic cultural program, drinks and of course passenger coffee.

Our increasing interest in roasting processes and quality assurance finally led to the foundation of the coffee roasting company passenger coffee, based in Alt-Treptow. Since 2015, passenger coffee alongside serving quality coffee to the community, is the production centre of our house blend, passenger blend, as well as a growing number of other passenger products.

As a café operator and with the experience gained in the catering industry, passenger has developed the ambition to create products that are consistent and accessible in their handling and flavour profile, while remaining memorable with an intense taste. This is how we have become specialists in espresso blends. A blend is more than just the sum of its parts and it is the combination of individual coffees that creates a unique dynamic that shows just how good coffee can be. We are always on the lookout for new beans, compositions and roasting profiles that inspire us. Our discoveries result in new blends or single origin roasts that showcase the wide variety of coffee. We like the strong body and sweet flavours of an accentuated roast, which blend with the coffee's own aromas and complement each other to create a well-rounded whole. Complex, rich cups with a vibrant intensity are right up our alley.