passenger blend

Seit mehr als einer Dekade! Unsere Hausmischung, die funktioniert. 5 Bohnen kombiniert zu einem modernen Kaffeegenuss. Komplex, wohl abgerundet, anhaltend. Feine Nuancen gebettet in einen vollmundigen
nussig-schokoladigen und kräftigen Körper.

Brasilien, Indien, Indonesien,
Guatemala, Äthiopien

9,50 32,00  im Abonnement erhältlich

38,00 32,00  / kg

inkl. MwSt.


Dear customers,
due to technical problems we have to close our store for the time being. We are already working on a solution. Until that time, you are welcome to continue ordering, but by e-mail.

Please write to:
what you want

Coffee type: (passenger blend/blend2/decaf/Cubano/Raws/Uganda)

quantity (250/500/1.000 grams)

grind (whole bean/strainer/mocha pot/filter/frenchpress)

Payment can still be made by bank transfer or PayPal!
For the invoice and shipping we need the address and possibly a different shipping address.

We apologize very much and hope for a better future.
your passengers