Morning again, Mexico, here we go!

5. July 2023By Daniel Lang2 Minutes

Mexico, Oaxaca – San Pedro de Alto

Processing: washed

Varieties: Pluma Hidalgo, Mundo Novo

Altitude: 1600-1900 masl

This Mexican coffee comes from the Sierra Sur region near the Pacific Ocean in the state of Oaxaca and is sourced by us through the social trade organisation RAW Material from the Union San Pedro cooperative. The cooperative represents about 200 small farmers from the region around San Pedro de Alto and is an impressive, exemplary undertaking for an initiative that emerged from a collectivist, indigenous network.

Salomon Garcia is a leading figure of the collective and promotes the model of the "edible forest", which is to be implemented by the farmers of the collective with the intention of achieving higher yields. The smallholders involved here rely entirely on a natural form of agriculture, which must be applied by all means possible and make use of all the possibilities of a rich, healthy forest. In parallel to the endemic plants of the forests, useful plants are carefully grown in pilot projects that can enrich the forest as well as the farmers' yield. Cocoa, cardamom, vanilla and various fruit trees can be found in a colorful variety in the farmers' plots, alongside coffee plants.

The cooperative operates a network of greenhouses for the cultivation of high-quality seedlings of different varieties, as well as facilities for the production of organic fertilizer. These key facilities are able to increase the yield of each smallholder farmer in a self-responsible way using natural resources and imparted know-how.The latter is an essential asset provided by Raw Material and locally by the RedBeetleCoffeeLab in order to make coffee cultivation more cost-efficient and profitable by increasing quality and quantity and to help overcome the high hurdles for entering the specialty market and to give a perspective to the farmers in Oaxaca.

By introducing our RAWS blend we aim to establish a sustained, stable outlet for some of the coffees traded by Raw Material Coffee. We continuously present the ingredients in their single origin guise. 

So here is our first round of Mexico. 

An elegant, quiet, complex coffee with fabulous sweetness and tales of flavour from the enchanted forest.