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Unlock a universe of coffee in your cup with passenger coffee's subscription!

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We enjoy what we do.
Our business is the result of the interplay between passion, curiosity and an eagerness to experiment. Our approach to coffee is based on a strong technical and intuitive understanding – procured through many years working in busy cafés on markets and festivals.

These years spent as devoted baristas taught us the need for quality and consistency in the coffee roasting process. We, therefore, set out to explore and advance further into the universe of coffee and extend our activity to the craftsmanship of roasting.

Guided by our ideal of quality and our demands for sustainability, independency, simplicity, and efficiency, and last but not least our taste, we are now on a continuous mission to realise these standards in each cup served. It is important for us to always provide you with a unique unmistakably »passenger« coffee experience.


passenger coffee provides its products to a number of excellent hospitality businesses all over the universe.

As a Café, Bureau, Restaurant, or other lifeform interested in wholesale get in touch. We can bring the passenger experience to you as well.