This exceptional espresso blend features four spectacular Arabica beans sourced from Raw Material Coffee - a green bean social trade project that aims to maximize benefits for farming communities in some of the world's most underdeveloped coffee regions. maximum-impact-coffee - and is a manifestation of the universe at play.

Coffees from Timor-Leste, Mexico, Rwanda, and Burundi excitingly come together in a cup of coffee for a tea and blackforest cake, they have a quick game of citrus to then exchange some dark berries, laugh at plum and rest long on a dry juniper-infused raisin. Many stories as there are along the chain from their harvest to cup, so many delicate flavours emerge in this blend, strung around a pleasant continuous flow of sweet talk. While at the end it all rounds up pleasantly. A whole universe at play.

It is frighteningly good. You might need a bigger cup!

Stove Top

46,00 38,00  / Kg

incl. 7 % VAT + Shipping cost

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