What is passenger coffee's blend2?

21. June 2023By Daniel Lang1 Minutes

What is passenger coffee's blend2?

blend2 is by no means a second choice, in fact for many passengers it is the ultimate. Blend2 is simply the 2nd espresso blend we have created. A tribute to our roots in New Zealand coffee culture. This 3 bean espresso blend is based on Colombian coffee that offers a honey-sweet and floral note. A Mexican and a Kenyan coffee join in to bring out their delicate, juicy orange and blackcurrant flavours. The result is a juicy-sweet coffee, yet strong and roasted entirely in the passenger manner.

blend2 is perfectly suited for all brewing methods.

Where can I find blend2?

There are some excellent addresses in Berlin that always carry blend2 in their grinds. Allan’s Breakfast Club, freiraum Café & Hostel and Rocket & Basil are not only worth a visit for a coffee, but also offer spectacular food and drinks. You can find the beans in our café in Kreuzberg and the roastery in Alt-Treptow, as well as in our online shop.

Is blend2 suitable in combination with milk or a milk alternative?
blend2 is strong with an intense flavour that also comes through in a milk mix.

blend2 is an all-rounder, just like the passenger blend, whether mocha pot, aeropress, filter or even cold brew - the coffee convinces with its balance and intensity. Mokkakanne, Aeropress, Filter oder auch Cold Brew – der Kaffee überzeugt durch seine Ausgewogenheit und Intensität.