Here is the first round of Burundi!

1. June 2023By Daniel Lang1 Minutes

This vibrant coffee is an offspring of passenger’s RAWS blend and stems out of the IZUBA washing station situated in the northern part of Burundi. At the washing station/wet-mill the region's coffees are collected and cherries are processed into washed or natural coffees. The operations at Izuba are run by Raw Material Coffee and beyond the production of coffee aim to fund multiple community initiatives; distributing agricultural inputs (baby trees with "seedlings", fertilizer, training, etc.) providing health insurance for staff and producers, and working to refine processing and lot separation to increase the value of the coffee.

passenger coffee supports the maximum impact approach of Raw Material Coffee and aims to build a stable market for these coffees by the release of their new RAWS espresso blend earlier this year. Highlighting each element of the blend throughout the year and the years to come is supporting this project.

Here is the first round of Burundi!

This naturally processed coffee from Mugoyi stirs up some sweet tumult in the cup. It is lively and playful, reaches high fruity flavours with grace, and lands perfectly smooth and balanced on the milk-chocolaty ground.

We recommend preparation as filter coffee or with an AeroPress.